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Wats up wit this school!!

Posted By besamesinmiedo on Oct 14, 2009 at 8:40PM
A lot of girls in my school (including yours truly) wear a lot of
makeup and all these hairstyles everyday. It sucks because we have no
other ways to express ourselves, we wear uniform. But, not the uniform
where everyone has to wear the same thing,no that would be way worse.
Here's our dress code:
Pants, shorts and skirts: Must be khaki or navy, skirts and shorts no
higher than 3 inches above the knee. If there's beltloops on your
pants then you have to wear a belt.
Belts: Yes, there's rules for them. They have to be SoLiD
blue,white,black,or brown.
Shirts: 3 buttons or less, polo-style shirt. All buttons have to be
buttoned except for the very top one. Have to be maroon (not red),
navy or white. No designs, logos, stiching, or zippers, or pockets.
Undershirts have to be one of the three colors
That's just for the girls. Oh yeah, your shirts have to be tucked in
Where your schools this strict? Could you wear whatever you wanted or
did you have on uniform for the entire school?
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Let's Start This Thang Up!!

Posted By besamesinmiedo on Oct 14, 2009 at 8:23PM
Ok everybody I know I'm not famous but everbodys gotta start
somewhere, am I rite??
Well anyways, lemme introduce myself:
My name is Roxanne and I'm 13, don't be too quick to judge I'm not
just another stupid teenager, I know what I'm talkin bout. I'm typing
This from my iPod touch so excuse it for any mistakes... Im in tha 8th
grade as an A/B student which is good cuz im trying extra hard this
year! Im quiet, but only if you dont know me!! If you do then youd
wish id shut tha hell up!
Mainly, im pretty much a girly girl, im into fashion and makeup. Im
salvadorean but dont speak much spanish cuz i was born and raised in
Houston, Texas. Inma try to blog as much as possible, so youll see me
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